Let your kids watch Dora Have you ever watched Dora? It is one of the educational animated TV series that comes from America and was created by Chris Gifford. If you have children then I suggest you let them watch Dora because there are so many educational values that they can get. It is a popular animation that you can see everywhere through the bags, and shirts also other cute stuffs as well are printed with Dora picture on it. Dora always accompanied by her talking purple bag that has like some useful equipment there, one of it is a talking map that always helps her to show the directions to her destinations. Besides that, there is also Boots, an anthropomorphic monkey, that always stay besides her during her adventures to complete the missions. There are so many reasons that make this educational animated series becomes so interesting for kids, yes the obstacles that she has to face in the middle of the journey can be the most interesting thing. When your kids watch it, I am sure they can get to learn to solve the problems with the simple solutions. Besides that, they will get to learn about the language as Dora always spells like the basic words that are used in daily. There are so many values that the writer put in the stories, so in order to make your kids improve their skills, it is safe enough to let them watch Dora every day with different stories. In addition, Dora will ask your kids to sing together with her, so it is so good for the brain performance that your kids have. Instead of giving your kids something that has no value that has no meaning, it is better for you to give the best educational animated TV series for your kids’ growth.



Spongebob, a friend that can make you laugh out loud I am sure even those parents that do not watch Spongebob know about Spongebob even know they do not really know the stories about it. Yes, it is because there are so many stuffs like shirt, bag, and also any other things that use Spongebob on it that is the reason why so many people are so familiar witj Spongebob. For your information, Spongebob Squarepants an animated television series from America, it was created by Marine Biologist and also animator Stephen Hillenburg for Nickelodeon. Everyone knows that Spongebob is one of the famous cartoon characters that is so cute and loved by so many people, not only by kids but also the adults as well. There are even so many people that are willing to spend their money on some cute stuffs of Spongebob, in other words, they are the collector of Spongebob stuffs. If you are the one that also the same then you need to know that you can find so many cute things that are related to Spongebob by joining the community of Spongebob lovers. Well now let’s move to the story of Spongebob itself. We know that he is a sponge that is living under the sea in a pineapple home, he h as neighbors which are a Patrick Star, his best friend that lives under the rock, and Squidward Tentacles, an illness-tempered friend. When we talk about the story then we cannot separate Spongebob with the dumb yet the cute things that he always does like every single time. It what makes so many people laugh out loud because they just cannot stand the jokes that are so lame yet funny at the same time. So, when you want to find something that can make your mind fresh, it is a must to watch Spongebob.